Summer Program Resources

We are confident we will get through this crisis together and our field stands ready to provide the expanded support kids and families need to emerge from this crisis strong, resilient, and hopeful.

Summer learning programs are uniquely positioned to provide kids with enriching academics, social-emotional support, caring mentors and trained educators, healthy meals, physical activities, and opportunities to explore careers and gain workforce skills.

We are here to help your program!

Are you planning to run any summer programming, camps, or enrichment opportunities for youth in grades K-12? If so, fill out our summer operations survey to be included on the summer program map (which you can view here).

Summer SEL blog series:

Be Flexible! Ways to Provide Quality Summer Experiences for VT Youth (April 13, 2021)

Why summer programs are important:

  • Proven to boost learning. Programs engage students in enriching, hands-on projects that provide more time for deeper learning. And staff can ensure students who are struggling get the extra help they need.
  • Intentional focus on social-emotional learning and kids’ mental health. Programs connect young people with caring mentors who are trained to help youth build healthy relationships, navigate challenges, make good decisions, and heal from trauma.
  • Keep kids safe and engaged. Programs provide a safe place for youth to learn and gain critical social and life skills, including leadership, critical thinking, and teamwork. They care for young people both during and beyond the school day, allowing parents to return to work or take time to seek employment.
  • The benefits are clear. New research shows that high-quality summer programming can produce meaningful benefits for students, especially for those who are able to attend regularly and for consecutive summers.