The Vermont Youth Project (VYP) is a community-driven collaborative designed to embrace positive youth development at the local level. Communities that participate in the Vermont Youth Project commit to giving youth a voice and creating healthy spaces for youth to be themselves, engage with peers, learn new skills, and connect with caring adults.

The foundation of VYP is data-driven. Real-time data is available eight weeks after middle and high school students take an annual survey on risk and protective factors. Based on the data, communities then develop specific localized plans around parent and family engagement, youth voice, increased third space opportunities (which is anytime when youth aren’t at home or school), community asset mapping, and more.

VYP is a 5+ year commitment and communities participating in this project receive support from Vermont Afterschool that helps with amplifying, connecting, and refocusing the great programming and efforts already happening in their community as well as identifying new avenues to provide healthy environments and opportunities for youth.