• Our “real-time” online trainings are approved by Northern Lights during this time. Your attendance will be submitted to BFIS.
  • Trainings will be delivered through Zoom. It is strongly suggested that you use a device (computer or phone) with a webcam.  If you don’t have access to one, you can call in. 
  • All online trainings will be offered free to participants.
  • You must pre-register as spots are limited.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to Nicole Miller at nicole@nullvermontafterschool.org or 802-448-3464.


Calm and Connect: Communication is a life-long challenge. This class teaches the science of effective communication, from its deep roots in connecting to forming a message that can best be received. The teacher’s mindful inner state is the foundation.
July 14, 2020; 2-4pm
Trainer: Beth Martell

Trauma-Informed Practices for Learning at a Distance: This workshop will cover the basics of trauma-informed practices with a focus on the four priorities of a trauma-informed approach: predictability, flexibility, connection, and empowerment. Alex will focus on how a focus on these areas supports children who are affected by trauma, with examples and suggestions for how we can build relationships across the physical distance we find ourselves in.
July 16, 2020; 3-4:30pm
Trainer: Alex Shevrin Venet

Igniting Leadership and Empowering Others: Moving from Challenge to Change: This workshop explores a set of leadership skills and principles that can start someone on their leadership journey, or help those already on their path to hone their skills and reflect on their practices moving forward.  We will explore the use of a strength-based lens in reflecting on our own progress as well as helping those we work with to move toward their goals for themselves and empower progress in us all. An interactive and self-reflective workshop, participants will explore their own skills and resources for moving forward, while learning how to help the people they work with to realize their strengths and capitalize on them moving forward. 
July 23, 2020; 2-4pm
Trainer: Matt Wolf

Youth Resiliency and Well Being:  The Youth Resiliency and Well Being workshop is an opportunity to learn more about the protective factors of youth and what it means to be resilient. We will address strategies to increase protective factors of youth, essential building blocks of resilience, and common signs of substance misuse in youth as well as resources to address substance misuse and youth mental health.  
July 28, 2020; 2-4pm
Trainers: Umesh Acharya and Robin Katrick