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Technical Assistance


Mentor Diane Janukajtis (L) with her mentee Jim Flint.

Mentor Diane Janukajtis (L) with her mentee Jim Flint.

We provide technical assistance (TA) to afterschool programs across the state. All TA provided through VT Afterschool aims at meeting one or more of the following goals:

  • Support to new afterschool directors in their leadership role.
  • General, on-going, support for directors aimed at program improvement and growth.
  • Support to directors in developing evaluation and sustainability plans to guide their program

1. Mentors for Quality

Why should programs consider having a mentor?
Many of us work in situations where we are isolated from others doing the same or similar work. A mentor/mentee relationship is an opportunity to be matched with an individual who can work with you on developing an individualized action plan for the areas you identify as challenges or areas needing further exploration.

What are some of the goals you developed with your mentee?
I’ve been fortunate to work with this program [Wonder & Wisdom] for a second year. Last year we looked at the components needed for program sustainability, assessed current program operations and decided next steps. This year the program is continuing to implement steps that were developed in the action plan. Some of the goals involved increasing student participation in the program, increasing involvement with the local elementary school staff and families, increasing collaboration with local community groups and utilizing community resources.

What is the mentor/mentee relationshop like?
It’s an informal relationship built on trust and openness. The mentor needs to listen carefully and ask open ended questions. We’ve have had some in-person meetings, phone meetings, I’ve observed the program and we e-mail when needed. The mentor needs to be able to “walk in the shoes” of the mentee, be able to encourage and support along the way.

–Mentor Diane Janukajtis, Director of the Kingdom Afterschool Program

Licensed school-age programs in Vermont are eligible to receive technical assistance through Mentors for Quality. School age programs currently receiving funding through the Child Development Division (CDD) are automatically contacted to receive a mentor, but Mentors for Quality is open to all licensed school-age programs with an interest. Trained mentors work with directors to establish goals for the mentoring relationship, provide feedback after a site visit to the program, and measure progress during the mentoring process. Mentors for Quality typically provides support for up to one year. There is no cost for licensed school-age programs to participate in Mentors for Quality.

Contact: Karen Scott at karenscott@vermontafterschool.org.

2. New Directors’ Support

All newly funded 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21C) projects, and those with a change in director, are eligible to access support through ISS-AP (the Individualized System of Support for Afterschool Programs). ISS-AP support for new directors combines group workshops with other new directors with one-on-one support through the ISS-AP coach. ISS-AP support is limited to one year and focuses on program start-up and planning, best practices in afterschool, and support in developing administrative structures to support program quality.  There is no fee for 21C programs participating in the New Directors’ ISS-AP strand.


Tami Stagner (center in yellow) leads the New Directors ISS-AP strand.

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