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STEM Workshops


STEM: Science on a Shoestring
Whenever we explore science phenomenon with kids, it is helpful to look for concepts or “big ideas” that span across the disciplines of physical, life and earth science. In this way, kids begin to see the way science fits together and how investigations can be linked together. Afterschool staff will be exposed to the seven “cross cutting concepts” identified in the Next Generation Science Standards adopted by Vermont Agency of Education in 2013. Each concept will be illustrated through participation in a simple, low-cost investigation appropriate for afterschool settings.

STEM: Tinkering 101 Learning by Making!
Tinkering is a mindset for learning that engages people’s creative spirit and their understanding of science phenomena. Tinkering or “making” is about using familiar objects in unfamiliar ways to make something of meaning to the tinkerer. Afterschool settings are the perfect setting for making! Explore tinkering materials, facilitation, theory and assessment by trying projects firsthand and discussing tinkering’s emergence as a legitimate STEM learning experience that fuses art and engineering. Applicable to grades K-8

STEM: STEMify Your Existing Program
Looking to increase STEM offerings in your afterschool program but not sure how to get started? This workshop will show you how you can tweak existing program offerings so that they include STEM content and practices.


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