Afterschool Essentials is an accelerated half-year program that Vermont Afterschool offers FREE for afterschool staff working in licensed afterschool programs. Two sessions are offered: one in Fall 2019 and one in Spring 2020. It is designed to meet the needs of the professional with limited experience in the afterschool setting.

Afterschool Essentials participants bring varied experiences and backgrounds, and look to gain a greater understanding of the field. This program covers a full range of topics, including school-age child development, program development, health and safety issues, and partnerships with families, inclusion and cultural diversity. The program content is delivered via face-to-face discussion and workshops, online learning modules with the Youth Development Institute, self-study, and consultation with a coach.

*NOTE: Afterschool Essentials will benefit the newly hired professional working directly with children, or a new program director who has not worked in this setting before. This course meets some basic training requirements in the new licensing regulations.

Spring 2020 Dates: March 10 (Rutland 10-2); April 8 (South Burlington 9-4); May 13 (Rutland 10-2).
Cost: $100 deposit with the fee refunded entirely for those who complete the course plus a $100 bonus to awardees who qualify.
Registration: Email Tricia to sign up (