In October 2017, close to 40 young people ages 9 to 22 came together to collaboratively draft a Vermont Youth Declaration of Rights. Using only their own ideas and words, they outlined nine focus areas that covered subjects and needs they cared about. They came together from all over Vermont to express their ideas and help broaden the conversation around policy decisions that affect youth. The document was recognized by the legislature, but its ambitions were not being supported enough on the ground.

That was the inspiration for the Vermont Youth4Youth Grants. In the Fall of 2018, young people from all across the state were recruited to join the Vermont Youth Council to work to create the grant process and promote funding opportunities to other Vermont youth. From the 44 applications that came in, the Y4Y Grants have funded 14 projects around Vermont decided by over 700 votes from young people representing every county in Vermont. Of the over $100,000 in requests that came in, more than $20,000 of funding went out directly to the young people who applied.

2019 Youth4Youth Grant Awardees

$100-$1500 Projects$1500-$3000 Projects
Burke Town School Bike Trails | Burke
Build bike trials on the school’s campus to provide recreational access for all students.
Mi Vida, Mi Voz: A Writing Workshop | Shelburne
A weekend writing workshop for migrant youth to explore their voice and connect with others.
Cultural Diversity Day | East Montpelier 
Spread cultural awareness to the school and greater community through a day of activities.
STEAMing All the Way to California | Rutland 
Travel to a national Lego robotics competition to compete against and meet other teams from all over the world.
Dog-A-Thon | Shelburne 
A running race and dog adoption event to raise money for the Humane Society.
Summer Bowling | Springfield 
Create weekly bowling clubs for grades K-12 during youth-led summer programming.
Never Have I Ever | Springfield 
Provide funding for foster families to be able to access fun community resources and experiences.
Rabbit Adoption and Drop Off Agency | Shelburne 
Create a place where people can foster and adopt rabbits.
Reducing Hunger in Our Community | Burke
Working with existing community partners to make and donate meals to those in need.
The Winooski Hang-Out: A Place for Everyone After School | Winooski
Provide middle and high school youth a flexible, safe and supportive space to hang out after school.
Ski Trip | Burlington
A trip to Cochran’s ski area for DREAM program mentees.
VTeen 4-H Science Pathways Cafe / Summer of Science | Royalton
Provide science education programs both for and run by youth in their communities.
Vermont Youth Voices Rally | Waterbury
Sustainability awareness and advocacy event with informational booths and activities.
Winooski School Band Private Lesson | Winooski
Provide private lessons for members of the school band from professional musicians.