The backbone of the Vermont Youth Project is the data that is based on Planet Youth’s efforts in Iceland (and worldwide) and encourages parents and communities to be engaged around positive youth development. VYP also takes inspiration from Finland’s efforts on youth voice as a way to make this a truly unique “Vermont model” that focused on positive youth development versus an exclusive drug and alcohol prevention tool.

Participating communities will each have specific and localized plans that start with access to real-time data so they know what’s going on with their youth right now. With the data, these communities will decide and implement community strategies with support and facilitation from Vermont Youth Project staff and consultants. The overall goal is to support communities with amplifying, connecting, and refocusing the great programming and efforts already happening in their locales as well as identifying new opportunities to provide healthy environments for youth.


2019-2020 Communities Participating in the Vermont Youth Project:

  1. Enosburg
  2. Fair Haven
  3. Richford
  4. Richmond
  5. Rutland
  6. Swanton


Robin Katrick, VYP State Lead + Youth and Community Health Coordinator at Vermont Afterschool