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ELO Working Group


The Expanded Learning Opportunities Working Group is a subcommittee of Vermont’s PreK-16 Council and has met in 2014 and 2015 to to review and evaluate issues of equity in and access to Vermont’s Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELOs), including afterschool and summer learning programs. The ELO Working Group has published the following three reports:

1. Every Hour Counts: Vermont Students Succeed with Expanded Learning Opportunities (2014)

This report outlines five key recommendations, including the development of systems, partnerships, and funding strategies to ensure that by 2020 the children and youth in every Vermont community have access to Expanded Learning Opportunities.

This is an outstanding foundation report for why ELOs are valuable and why we need to move forward with better systems and funding strategies in our state to ensure that all youth have access to quality expanded learning opportunities. The data, maps, and recommendations are relevant and compelling.

2. Closing the Gap in Vermont: The Expanded Learning Opportunities (ELO) Special Fund (2015)

This report details funding recommendations for the ELO Special Fund that was passed in Act 48 (spring 2015). Of note, the report recommends that the Legislature and Administration allocate state funding “to work toward providing access to Expanded Learning Opportunities for the children and youth in every Vermont community.”

3. All Learning Counts: How Expanded Learning Opportunities Support Flexible, Personalized, Student-Centered, and Proficiency-Based Learning in Vermont (2016)

 This report presents the Working Group’s recommendations on how to build and strengthen systems in the state in order to more fully utilize ELOs in support of Vermont’s vision for educating students in a way that is personalized, student-centered, and proficiency-based.

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