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21C Evaluation Results for 2015-16

Posted on December 14th, 2016 in: Blog

In 2015-16, over 13,000 PreK-12 students in Vermont attended afterschool and summer learning programs that were funded by the federal 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21C) initiative. They attended over 100 programs that provided opportunities for engaging experiences such as woodworking, cooking, hip-hop dance, jazz band, graphic design, knitting, creative writing, gardening, engineering, theater, and much more in addition to opportunities for homework help and academic support. They participated in these programs for an average of 12 hours per week after school. In the summer, many students were involved in programs that ran for 40 hours or more during the week.

The most vulnerable students were well-served by these programs. Children and youth from low income households made up half of all of the students that regularly attended. These students may not otherwise have had access to such enriching opportunities outside of the school day. Some were likely to also have come from food-insecure households. Fortunately, most programs provided healthy food and opportunities for children to get exercise.

Highlights from the evaluation of the 2015-16 school year:

  • 31 projects consisted of 108 individual program sites.
  • 35% of Vermont’s public schools had 21C programming.
  • Approximately 16% of Vermont’s students were served by 21C programming.
  • 13,246 students attended programs, 6,075 of whom attended on a regular basis (at least 30 days during the year).
  • 3,651 students from low income families attended on a regular basis.
  • On average, school year sites were open for 34 weeks during the school year at a rate of 4.7 days per week (12 hours per week).
  • On average, summer sites were open for 5.1 weeks during the summer at a rate of 4.8 days per week (38 hours per week).
  • 79% of sites provided strategies beyond homework help to help students struggling academically.
  • 90% of sites provided opportunities for at least 20 minutes of physical activity for every 2 hours of programming offered.

You can read all about these facts and more in our newly released 21st Century Community Learning Centers Statewide Evaluation Report: 2015-2016. Download the complete 2015-16 21C Evaluation report and be sure to take note of areas of strength and improvement, areas in need of attention, and action items for future programming improvement.

Vermont Afterschool has been reporting on evaluation data for Vermont’s 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21C) since 2010 and thanks the Vermont Agency of Education for supporting this work.

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